Week in the Privacy News

Week 07/2024

Feb 12 - Feb 18, 2024


  • Eppie: encrypted p2p email as better replacement for Skiff (src)
  • koan: private cross-chain swaps by Zcash (src)


  • European Court of Human Rights unequivocally protects encryption in Telegram (src)
  • Digital euro will have a high level of privacy (src)
  • EFF: The authors of the dangerous Kids Online Safety Act (KOSA) unveiled an amended version this week, but it’s still an unconstitutional censorship bill (src)



  • Noir v0.24.0 (pre-release)
  • Skiff Mail will now run forwarding up through 2025 (src)
  • Privacy wallets W3PN database PR by niclaz (src)
  • Holepunch launch Pears - a combined Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Runtime, Development & Deployment tool (src)
  • Anon Aadhaar v1.0.0 uodate (src)
  • Lit V0, Habanero Mainnet Beta: Decentralized Key Management (src)
  • Rarimo launched Freedom tool for digital voting (src)


  • Spot on enterprise data privacy: QuickNode and Matter Labs Partner to scale with zkSync Hyperchains (src)


  • Zama Grant Program has been launched (src)


  • Technical exploration of Erasure Coding within the Swarm network, focusing on ensuring data integrity and resilience -- @GasperX93
  • Healthcare data privacy: Researchers pair medical devices with blockchain to defend against cyberattacks (scs)
  • OCash: Fully Anonymous Payments between Blockchain Light Clients (src)
  • Pay2Chain bridge, named Alba, facilitates the efficient, secure, and trustless execution of conditional payments or smart contracts on a target blockchain based on off-chain events (src)
  • Sigma Protocol(s) by Patrickd (src)
  • Privacytests has released a new category in its evaluations: 'DNS Privacy Tests' (src)



  • Ben Wizner: Speech, Privacy, and Technology | Logos Podcast with Jarrad Hope (src)
  • /zk Farcaster x PSE projects forthcoming podcast (21.02) (src)
  • The Blockchain Socialist: Accelerationism is back and tech elites are making it cringier than it already was (src
  • War on privacy in Web3? With Zach Williamson, Co-founder & CEO at Aztec Protocol (src)

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